Ready to start recycling?....Congratulations and welcome to the green minded society, a responsible society who takes care of its waste in a proper and sustainable manner.

You can bring your plastic bottles type number 1 (PET) and 2 (HDPE), aluminum cans and plastic bottle caps to one of the following recycling centers. These have been created in order for you to help the environment. Please make intelligent use of them and do not dispose materials in them that aren’t being recycled there.

We do not recycle plastic cups, plastic bags, iron cans or glass.

Recycling Center Zeelandia

Located at the parking of the Albert Heijn Supermarket

Recycling Center Piscadera

Located at the parking of the Centrum Supermarket Piscadera

Recycling center Piscadera

Recycling Center Coca-Cola

Located at the entrance of Mangusa Hypermarket

Recycling Center Coca-Cola

Recycling car batteries

You can bring your old car, boat, truck or motor battery to the following recycling center of Green Force: ZAP batteries in Zeelandia. Between Napa and the Van den Tweel supermarket. This collection point has been created in order for you to responsibly get rid of your old or damaged battery and help the environment.

The acid of your car, boat, truck or motor battery will be neutralized by Green Force before disposing of it. Nano particles of lead will be captured through a sedimentation process. The battery itself will be shipped abroad for recycling. The plastic of the battery will be re-used as fuel for the melting and recycling process of the lead. The lead will be recycled by an ISO 14.001 certified company and with guarantee of no child labor nor modern slavery practices. All this will happen under strong environmental restrictions imposed by the country's Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

ZAP batteries
Battery recycling
Recycling center Albert heijn Curacao