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Aluminum cans

Tips on aluminum cans recycling: It is very important for the planet to recycle your beverage cans. Recycling your aluminum helps to stop global warming, protects biodiversity, creates jobs, generates income and is a sustainable way to use the planet’s resources. Not all cans are aluminum, vegetable and soup cans are usually iron. These should not be mixed with the aluminum cans. See who is already doing it >>>

Tips plastic recycling: Before recycling your plastic, you need to know what type of plastic it is. Look for the recycling triangle on the bottle and the number inside. All transparent plastic drink bottles for example are plastic type number 1, also known as PET (Polyethylene). Make sure you do not mix different types of plastic in the recycling bins. It is advisable also to crush the plastic bottles and to deliver them empty.

Plastic bottles
Household plastic and packaging

Tips on other recyclables: It is in everybody’s hands to choose which goods they buy. Therefore you have the power to choose the packaging as well. If you know what materials can be recycled on your island, then you can choose for goods packaged in those type of materials. Avoid as much as possible unnecessary packaging. Collect your recyclables and make sure they end up in the recycling stream.

Tips on paper recycling: May you produce lots of paper waste, whether it is at home, school or work, you can recycle it on Curaçao. White office paper, colored office paper, envelops, magazines and old flyers, it is all recyclable on our island. Archive destruction is also available. Save trees, save the planet’s forest and biodiversity. Recycle your waste paper and old archives, call this number for a quotation: 5102945

Old paper

Tips on tires: When buying tires check the production date as well as the advised usage temperature. Old rubber loses certain properties which makes the tire dangerous. Furthermore it is very important that you check the air pressure of your tires. Well inflated tires helps you save fuel and therefore money, energy and oil. Well inflated tires also contribute with lower noise on and around the roads.

Tips on consumer electronics: When buying a fridge, TV, PC, microwave or any other consumer electronics, make sure they are “Energy Star” rated. Those goods are usually more energy efficient and the difference can get up to 40%. Not doing so adds to the bill at the end of the year. Save energy and help reduction of global warming. This web site will help you find the energy consumption information u need:

Consumer electronics
Outdoor lights

Tips on outdoor lighting: If you are planning to place or replace outdoor lights, please make sure they only shine to the ground and not into the sky. Too much light at night breaks the natural balance of nature. Think also if all those lights are really necessary. Flood lights with motion detection should also only point to the ground and not into the sky. We all need our night rest, this includes the animals. More on:

Tips on water usage: There is so much you can do: An Energy Star rated dishwasher is usually more efficient than doing it yourself, but make sure the machine is full before turning it on. Choose local vegetation for your garden, those plants are well adapted to the local environment and will need less water. Buy home appliances that help you save water, this makes a hudge difference in your bill. See more at:

Water tap

Tips on building: Talk to your arquitect and tell him you want an energy efficient house/building, this will make a huge difference on your energy bills and you will help reduce global warming. There is lots of international guidelines to build environmentally friendly. Think also about the air quality and water usage of your new building or house, not only on the electrical consumption. For more info look at:

Tips for the beach: When visiting a beach, please do not leave any garbage behind, take home what you brought and dispose of it properly. Make sure no plastics and other garbage find their way to the water. Specially plastics can represent a serious danger to the health and life of marine species such as fish, dolphins, whales and turtles. What would the many visitors of our island say if they find a dirty beach?.


Tips on toilets: Did you know that replacing your old toilet for a new efficient one could save you up to 40% of water?. That much water could be saved for the environment and think about how much money you could save at the end of the year with your water bill. If you have a toilet that is older than 10 years, the best thing you can do is replace it with a new efficient one as soon as possible.

Tips on furniture: How much CO2 is being produced by transportation of furniture from abroad to Curaçao?. Try to find local producers of furniture. Buying locally helps reduce global warming and helps the local economy. Specially on outdoor furniture Curaçao has lots to offer. There is local providers of furniture that use recycled wood. Make sure they are not using endangered species of trees. Support our local carpenters.


Tips on batteries: Batteries are one of the worst polluters of the environment, soil, water and landfills. Before you buy any electronics, ask what the power source is and if you have the choice, buy rechargeable electronics or batteries. Batteries represent toxic waste and therefore they should be disposed of properly. As this proper disposal is not yet in place on Curaçao, please think twice before buying electronics.

Tips on recycling: When collecting your recyclables, make sure you are separating them by kind. Glass does not go with aluminum or plastic for example. For plastics there is seven different types which should not be mixed either. Please bring your reciclables to the proper waste handlers and make sure they are as clean as possible with no residue of former content, this meaning no liquids and no other trash please.

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LED light

Tips on lights: Save energy, money and the environment by replacing your lights. LED lights only use a fraction of the energy of incandescent bulbs and less energy than CFL bulbs (Compact Fluorescent Lights). They last longer and do not contain mercury. Please make sure the packaging has a brandt on it as this makes them more reliable. LED lighting is available on Curaçao at:

Tips on mascots: When looking for a mascot, make sure you have given the local asylum a visit or one of the foundations that helps animals in need. There are plenty of dogs and cats that are looking for a new home. Therefore it is in your power to give them a new chance in life. Please do not hold wild animals as a mascot. One of the foundations where you can adopt a rescued animal is the following:

Adopted dog Luna
Koral Tabak caves Wannago excursion

Tips on green team building: Is your company looking for a team building adventure?. Why not combine it with nature?. If you are willing to strengthen the boundaries of you coworkers you might as well do this in a green environment and with people dedicated to a greener world. Experience team building activities in great and beautiful environments that the island of Curaçao has to offer.

Tips on cars: When buying a new car, we recommend you to buy a fuel efficient automobile. Currently on the internet you can find the fuel consumption of each car. This is usually stated as mph (miles per gallon). Write down the mpg of the cars you would like to buy and then choose the most fuel efficient one. Prices of fuel will only continue to rise in the future as oil gets scarce. Hybrids will soon be an option.

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