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Green Force offers you the opportunity to help the environment through the recycling of Aluminum and plastic waste. In order to offer our possible clients different choices, we have come up with the following recycling packages:

Package 1.- Aluminum cans recycling: !!! Recommended !!!

 We recommend our clients to choose this package, available for businesses, communities, schools or anybody willing to help the environment. This package includes the rent of the bin and your publicity on the recycling bin and our website. This means that you have the bin for the disposal of aluminum cans with your publicity on it.

This package includes a two (2) times pick up of the goods per month. More pick ups per month are possible.

Close Type: Our close type bins offer three publicity spaces, format A4 or smaller.

Close a one year deal and get a discount of over 100 guilders on your recycling service contract.

Package 2.- Adopt a school program:

Want to help others?, it is possible to sponsor an aluminum recycling bin for others. Think of schools, hospitals and other entities that may not have the finances to make a recycling program possible. With your help we will go into a school, educate all the staff and/or the children and set up an entire aluminum recycling program for the school and the community.

Your company name, address, phone number and logo will be on our web site and you get to put your publicity on the bins that you are sponsoring. Publicity to be provided by the sponsor. 3x A4 per bin.

Consult with us for the price of sponsoring a Close Type Recycling Bin for cans recycling . Contact us here.

Package 3.- Recycling bin for events:

Green your event through the recycling of all the aluminum cans and do this for a great price. Green Force can place up to 15 recycling bins for you before your event starts and pick up the content during and after the event. Once the event is over we will retrieve the recycling bins.

Package 4.- Aluminum recycling program for big users: !!! NEW !!!

Would you like a greener image for your hotel or business, reduce the waste you produce and help the environment in the process?, well now it is time for you to join the force and start recycling through our special package for big users.

If you can guarantee Green Force that you can fill two (2) recycling bins per week, then your recycling program is for free, no costs at all. Plus your contact information will be on our website and a free educational speech for your staff will be offered.

Package 5 - LDPE plastic and cardboard recycling for companies only: !!! NEW !!!

Does your company import goods or handles in goods that come wrapped in plastic or contained in cardboard?. Now it is the time to have these materials recycled and so help the environment. Reduce the waste you produce, stop global warming, save trees and reduce our dependency on oil.

Green Force will place a big bag on site for the recollection of your plastic shrink wrap (LDPE plastic # 4) and will pick it up for recycling. This package is based on “call when full”, meaning that your company first has to collect at least 40 kilogram (1 big bag full) and Green Force will collect. As we pick up only when necessary, you will be helping to reduce the amount of CO2 produced for transport of recyclables.

As for cardboard, collect one cubic meter of flattened cardboard and Green Force will pick it up.

Did you find a package you like?, are you willing to join the force?, contact us here

When you rent or sponsor a Recycling Bin, you will be added to our website as such.

The publicity on our recycling bins has to be provided by the sponsor. We recommend this publicity to be stickers. Publicity measurements are always A4 standing.

Green Force has one major rule: all recycling bins should be set up near trash bins, as doing so guarantees that the content of the recycling bins will not be polluted with other materials.

Hopefully we can welcome you as a new environmental ally of Green Force soon.

Join the Force

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