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Rent a recycling bin for aluminum recycling:

Help the environment and reduce global warming by recycling the aluminum your home, business or community produces.

Green Force offers you Recycling bins for rent. The rent is used to cover the costs of the bin, finance our activities and it includes a pick up of the goods twice a month. Find here our service packages.

Why recycle aluminum?: It costs up to 95% more energy to make aluminum out of virgin materials than recycling what we use. Worldwide only 50% of all Aluminum is being recycled.

By recycling the aluminum you use, you can help stop the companies that bulldoze the forest in search of new bauxite (prime material for the production of aluminum).

Recycling aluminum will eventually turn to be less expensive for the consumer than having aluminum be made out of virgin material.

Green your event through Green Force and start recycling the waste that your event eventually will produce. We have great packages for events.

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Sponsor an aluminum can recycling bin:

Help your company, community, local school or others. Help the environment and reduce global warming by recycling your or other’s aluminum. Green Force offers you to sponsor Recycling bins.

Through sponsoring of recycling bins you can dedicate some of your marketing budget to a green innitiative. This translates into a greener image for you and helping mother earth.

Sponsoring the recycling bins helps to the sustainability and continuity of the activities of Green Force and its efforts for a cleaner and healthier world.

Even if your company does not produce any aluminum, you can always offer to sponsor a recycling program in your local community or at the school your kids go to.

Every bin has 3 places for publicity, so you will get something back. Earn some green exposure =>    Find out more

Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycling:

Green Force has started to collect plastic type LDPE a.k.a. Shrink wrap or plastic number 4 for recycling. All companies that somehow produce this type of material can now recycle their plastic wrap through the services of Green Force.

Curašao being an island that imports almost everything, has a big quantity of pallets arriving to the island everyday. Most of these pallets are wrapped in shrink wrap / LDPE. This type of plastic can be recycled. It will be compacted on the island and exported abroad for further recycling and reuse.

By recycling the shrink wrap that your company produces, you are helping to reduce your waste, you will be taking proper care of the materials you usually throw away and you will be helping the environment. Besides that, have you thought about how much space you will safe in your waste?

Recycling your plastic can contribute to energy savings of up to 75% in comparison of making plastic from prime resources. By recycling your LDPE less oil will have to be used for the production of this material. Saving energy and saving oil helps reduce global warming. Interested? find out more here.

What will happen with the collected materials and funds?:

Green Force will make sure the collected materials end up in the recycling stream, this way they will be reused instead of land filled.

The funds coming from the activities of Green Force will be used to sustain the operations of the company, buy equipment and technology necessary to process the recyclables ourselves, improve the quantity of materials being collected and further expand to other recyclable materials. Besides that Green Force collaborates with environmental programs and activities, such as clean up actions, tree planting, protection of wildlife, education of the youth and help with animal welfare.

This all will contribute to a cleaner environment, reduce global warming, create jobs, give our clients a greener image, contribute to the economy, reduce waste, create an environmental consciousness, extend the useful life of the landfill and contribute to the biodiversity of the island.

What is in it for you?:

Green Force’s opinion is that helping the environment should not be subject to condition, anyhow people might be wondering what’s in it for them. So this is our answer:

- Waste reduction: Aluminum cans, plastics and other materials occupy a lot of empty space in your waste bins, specially companies are paying more to get rid of their big waste amounts.

We offer you a solution to part of your waste problem, if not all, by keeping our recycling services as low as possible, which already includes a pick up of the materials as needed. All that material occupying space in your waste bin, will no longer be there and you will be paying less to get rid of it, even better, now you are also helping the environment. Depending on what type of waste you produce and in what quantities, it could even be for free.

- Green exposure: When people get to choose with who they want to work with or buy from, in 6% of the cases they would prefer to associate with a green company. This means that your business can get up to 6% more clients. This 6% will only increase in the near future along with the awareness of the general public.

- Health: Employee that work for environmental friendly companies feel better about their job and therefore are more productive. Their mental state is healthier as they see and recognize your efforts for a better, greener and healthier world.

- Environmental awareness: Through the greening of your company, you are helping create an awareness for your employee or people around you, this awareness brings discussions and therefore the environment becomes a topic in which ideas and facts are being exchanged. This contributes to the creation of solutions for environmental problems and awareness. Once those problems are being fixed, it has a positive effect on the living and working spaces we spend our days in. A cleaner environment is healthier for everyone.

- Future: Green Force is helping in the education of our kids through presentations given at schools and making information available for the general public in the form of digital information and press releases. Renting and sponsoring our bins and/or recycling your other waste through us is not only helping the environment but also helping create the necessary awareness of today’s environmental problems. Some of these kids will someday be leaders of our societies or businesses and deserve to heir a cleaner planet. What are you leaving behind for the next generation?.

- Internet publicity: When you join Green Force through a recycling service contract, you could be added on our page “Who is?”, which has a list of current clients and sponsors of the Green Force. Your logo and contact information will be available to all the visitors of our web page. If you link to us we will also add a link to your web site.

- Certification: For those of you participating in green certification programs such as Green Key, Green Globe and LEED, there is a possibility of getting points for the certification when you recycle your entire waste stream or part of it.

- Finally: Seriously, are you still not being responsible about the waste you create?

Join the Force

Why have we choosen to recycle aluminum and why should you to?

The Amazones burning

CO2 production due to removal of forest:   In order to produce Aluminum you need the virgin material called Bauxite. This material is usually lying under a top soil covered with forest.

Before the explotation of Bauxite starts, the top forest has to be removed and this frecuently happens with fire as this is the fastest and cheapest way. This creates an enourmous CO2 emission that contributes to Global Warming.

Only 50% of all aluminum is being recycled worldwide, so for the other 50% we have to continue mining in search of Bauxite for the creation of Aluminum.

Curacao contributes to this negative balance by not recycling all the Aluminum it consumes. Now you can help by recycling your aluminum waste.

Tropical forest destruction in Brazil
Displaced people
Displaced species (Pied Tamarin) Brazil
Bauxite mine Guyana
Bauxite mining
Mining and forest

Displacement of species due to mining: When the big mining corporations get their way and the forest is removed, there is habitat getting lost and species are displaced and/or being endangered.

This displacement does not only affect all the endemic insects, plants, trees, birds and other animals, it also affects indigenous communities that often have lived there sinds memory of human kind.

Entire tribes are often moved to other areas that are less promising, that may not have the same resources or that represent the extintion of that culture forever.

Recycling can help to stop habitat loss, stop the displacement of species and extinction. Help the biodiversity of the planet through recycling.


Even more CO2 production and erosion: Extracting and transporting the Bauxite requires very big machinery, which of course use fuel and emite CO2. The Bauxite has to be digged out and transported to the ovens where it will be converted into Alumina and later into Aluminum. This entire expensive process requires gigantic amounts of energy and therefore it contributes to Global Warming.

Recycling your Aluminum requires 95% less energy in comparison as to making new Aluminum out of virgin materials.

Due to this energy savings, Aluminum represents one of the biggest contributors to the environment and reduction of Global Warming when you recycle it properly.

At the other hand we have the erosion problem, big mining corporations tell us that they remove the top soil (humus) and then after the mine is closed, that they put the soil back.

What they do not tell you is that when a mine closes it is usually because the company went bankrupt and that nobody will be putting that soil back. Specially not in those countries where there is no environmental laws or corrupt governments.

Nevertheless, even when the soil is put back, the displacement of species has already happened and the production of CO2 is going on through the entire process.

Mines that don’t have their soil and habitat restored to the original state, are often a source of erosion and this could contribute to the desertification process.

Desertification is a process where areas become arid and very warm with almost no forest and animals, becoming what looks like a desert.

What are you waiting for in order to start recycling and taking responsibility for the waste you are creating?.

Helping the environment is responsibility of everyone as this helps the planet we live on. Reckeless consumption has done enough damage to our environment.

Join the force and help through recycling.

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