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Identified environmental needs for the island of Curaçao:

 We believe that the following ideas need to be worked on by the government, businesses and any other entity with the capacity of applying influence to the matter in a positive way and in pro of the environment. Green Force advocates for:

- A total prohibition of fishing in all forms inside de bay waters of Curaçao.

Those being: Spanish Water, Santa Martha Bay, San Juan Bay, Piscadera Bay, Jan Thiel Lagoon, Saint Joris Bay and Fuik Bay.

 Why?: It is clear that the fish, karko, lobster and other marine populations are unable to recover due to over harvesting by fisherman. Current policies have failed in protecting the marine environment and need to be updated and controlled.

International guidelines for the preservation of fish and the most environmental friendly fishing techniques should be implemented.

- A watertight legislation that protects the mangroves of the entire island.

Why?: Because mangroves represent the nurturing ground for the fish and many other species that contribute to the biodiversity of our island. Crabs, fish, birds and many more species nestle or nurture in our mangrove forest.

Mangroves are some of the biggest lungs of the island.

Mangroves also represent a barrier of protection for the coral reefs. They avoid waste, pollution and nutrients to get into the ocean and affect the wildlife and coral reefs. In order to have healthier reefs, you need mangroves.

There is too much economical interest by large property sellers to avoid this legislation as they will be unable to sell more ground bordering the sea. Those economical interests are not benefiting anybody but a few people, which in our opinion are environmental criminals, selfish ignorants that do not care about our environment, forests, coral reefs and our biodiversity.

- The creation of natural corridors and more protected parks through the entire island.

Why?: Because once it is gone it is gone. Natural corridors help avoid the isolation of species and therefore contribute to DNA variety and biodiversity. More parks mean more green lungs on the island and spaces where people can come to sport, rest and unstress from their daily habits.

- The ban on plastic bags at all retail sellers.

Why?: Because plastic bags represent a big pollution factor in the environment. Plastic bags that find their way to the sea, become a hazard to many species such as sea turtles as they look like some of the food they consume. Banning plastic bags also helps save oil and therefore contributes to the reduction of global warming. Although some economic activities need to use plastic bags, as there is no alternative, we do believe that the majority of them can be avoided.

- The placing of marine buoys for the anchoring of pleasure vessels and commercial vessels.

Why?: There is a lot of coral destruction happening by anchors that are recklessly being thrown in the water without taking notice of the reefs below. All diving and tourism related companies should agree to use only those designated places that have been marked with an environmental friendly anchor/buoy.

- Control of CO2 emissions on all cars during their annual check.

Why?: Because cars contribute with the creation of CO2 and therefore increase global warming. All cars that do not meet certain standards should be taken off the streets and be properly destroyed, recycling their components. An import prohibition on all cars that are not fuel efficient should be put in place as well. There is already too much cars on Curaçao, lets stop the wild import of any automobiles that are not contributing with a healthier environment.

- The closure of the Isla refinery.

Why?: Curaçao is in the top 5 of countries that produce the biggest amounts of air pollution per capita. The common practices of the refinery nowadays should be considered a crime and is no longer acceptable in 21st century society and civilizations.

Updating the technology of the refinery could be a solution, but if no one wants to pay for it, we should move on and close the refinery. In practice it is usually cheaper to build new than to update.

Dismantling and cleaning the refinery’s infrastructure will be the new source of employment for those who lost their jobs and on a later stadium the entire Santa Anna bay can be developed into a beautiful residential area worthy of this beautiful island. A new green town can arise, of which everyone could be proud of.

An idea for a solution has been born but still needs development, inform yourself at:


- The implementation of laws protecting pets and wild animals.

Why?: Because wild animals do not belong in cages. Because too much people on Curaçao abuse their pet. There are many pet shops exploiting animals, running puppy mils and keeping mascots in too small cages.

Pet shop owners should be pushed to guarantee the safety and health of the animals they pretend to sell. They also should not be selling any kind of wildlife animal that is not going to be able to live in freedom and health.

Although Curaçao has signed several international conventions for the protection of for example turtles, in reality there is no active movement to actually monitor, save and protect marine life.

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